Pulls Project Ideas

Browse these site for inspiring models and pulls project ideas from top designers of kitchen, bathroom, dining room, home office, doors, etc. There are more than a million photos for you to see how various pulls in incredible settings will look like.

houzzHouzz     Browse and save your favorites for further use. Bedeck your furniture with new knobs and pulls. It is an inexpensive way to reinvent a pice of furniture. In kitchen use bar pulls for your drawer and modernize to the actual trends with confidence and a reasonable budget.

Updating cabinet hardware pulls is an easy way to upgrade the style of your kitchen without investing a lot of time and money. There are dozen of stores online for you to find the perfect pulls and handles to match.

Top KnobsTopKnobs     has put together a guide to choose through their styles and collections depending if you are planning to replace pull handles on existing cabinets with or without hardware or if it is for new cabinets. You may have to match or replace the hinges. You will need to measure distance between holes for pull handles. Quality and certain features affect price. What style? What finishes? You would like to hold and try a sample? Will you have to match it with your appliance pulls? Is it for big or small hands, an elderly?